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Personal Training at Fitness First Health & Wellness provides the most effective and time efficient workout available. It will take you beyond the normal fitness routine. Our experienced and certified trainers will assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Each session will take you to a new level in your training program. Whatever your fitness goals are, we are here to help!

Training is a great tool for learning proper form and technique, building confidence, and developing an individualized program that will produce results.

Other reasons for training include:

  • You are just starting out exercising and want to learn the basics from an expert.
  • You want to learn the proper way to train.
  • Working out has become boring and you need a new perspective on fitness.
  • Your current workout has lost its effectiveness, and you need help losing those last five pounds.
  • An injury or illness prevented you from working out, and now you want to get started again.
  • You are an athlete interested in learning new and innovative ways to train to boost your performance.
  • A set appointment with a professional helps you make it to the gym on a regular basis.

Fitness First Health & Wellness Personal Trainers

Tierney Kevin Justin

Tierney Murphy

Kevin Simon

Justin Vigil

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This brochure includes all prices and policies for personal training at Fitness First Health & Wellness.

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