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I was a member at this gym for a little over a year. I loved it. The staff, trainers and other members are nice. Trainers and staff members actually take the time to remember your name. The equipment was always clean. Never had to wait for a machine and I really loved that. Its affordable. I would recommend Fitness First to anyone in the area and have done so for a few of my friends that still work out there. 5 stars!Chris Elliott
Gratitude – That was the theme of our yoga class on Saturday, which made me think about thanking you for all you do to make the gym so great! I really appreciate how well it is maintained. I love my training sessions with both you and Natasha. I really enjoy the classes with Christie, Jennifer, Jeannie, and EJ (tonight’s class was excellent), and the rest of the staff are always helpful and friendly. I hope your business continues to thrive and survive for a long time!Faye Bailey
My first two months as a charter member of Fitness First have exceeded my expectations. There are several reasons for that, but none more key than [my] personal trainer.

My hopes were simple – to become healthier and lose weight. During one of the Open House events in January, I toured the beautifully restored old four story building now home to Fitness First in downtown Norfolk and met [my] personal trainer. He was friendly and gave me confidence that he could help me. His closing question though was “Are you ready to work?” I gulped and said “yes”, making the decision on the spot to become a charter member. I also decided to make a commitment for 10 training sessions.

At that time I weighed 273 pounds.

Sixty days later, I lost 26 pounds and weigh 247! My body fat index dropped significantly. To me this accomplishment is equal parts exhilarating, inspiring and amazing! The equally exciting part of all this is that while losing weight I am increasing in strength, balance and agility.

In closing, I would just like to reiterate how enjoyable and rewarding my first two months of membership and personal training had been. Every single member of the staff is warm and friendly and encouraging. The cardio theater area is nicely laid out with convenient access to both radio and big screen TV’s to help pass the time. All of the equipment and machines are brand new and everything is kept clean and maintained well. The locker room is attractive and first class all the way.

I could not be more pleased with my experience at Fitness First and with personal trainer.
Dave Englert
Fitness First has changed my life! I have been going to Fitness First for a little over two years getting Personal Training from Julie Jackson, the owner of this fantastic gym.

I am 62 years old and recently had my fourth Bone Density test and this was the first time the result was normal and not Osteopenia. My doctor said it was the result of my strength training with Julie. This is so significant because for years I was taking Fosamax and there were no changes. I stopped taking it approximately 9 months ago and increased my strength training sessions to twice a week.

I am writing this review because after seven years of medication, my doctor said I do not need it any more and to keep up the strength training. I only started this physical fitness in the last seven years and Fitness First is a great place to start. All the Staff make everyone feel important, the facility is well equipped and always clean.

I hope this review will encourage you to join and make a change in how you feel. The proof is in my results and I could not be happier! Thank You Julie and All your Great Staff at Fitness First in Norfolk!
Irene Fox
I’d just like to say thanks for a great experience while attending your gym! I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to you and the staff.Joe Bilyard
Being a competitive runner often left me injured. Tendons in my knees, ankles and feet routinely became strained or sore. Those injuries made training for events difficult and painful.

I had injured my Achilles three weeks before a half-marathon in the fall, forcing me to suspend training. I ran that race and did well, but could have achieved more had I avoided injury.

I switched up my routine for the Virginia is For Lovers 14K, which was run in February. I cut back on my running and started taking cross-training and yoga classes at Fitness First. The vigorous workouts led by Julie and yoga sessions with Christie strengthened my tendons, especially my knees, and improved my core strength, flexibility and breathing. I showed up for the 14K healthy, and finished it without aches or strains. I took first place in my age category and shaved a full minute off of my pace time, finishing at just under seven-minute-miles. Cross training works, believe me.
Joe Coccaro

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